Friday, September 23, 2011

Space Battleship came out on DVD in Japan

Back in Jun/July. Up on YouTube with English subtitles in 10 parts

Go to 9:20 of this episode and watch the cool ejection-rescue of a girl pilot.
Valkerie-type braking maneuver


  1. No review? I'll watch it on my big TV maybe. Use raterix to stream Youtube through the Roku.
    I'm watching Troll Hunter right now. Pretty fair Blair Witch style monster movie but funny.

  2. I watched the first 4 minutes on youtube. I like it better than the last 3 StarWars combined.

  3. Wow... that looks pretty cool. I've been hoping that someone would come up with a new space opera franchise... perhaps this is it!

  4. Whoops... I was helping out Sue with a new blog and I was still signed in as her when I commented...

    This look really cool. I think I will wait to see it on DVD so that I can enjoy all the beauty of the graphics.

  5. They get the relative wobble of the cockpit just right. Sue would think it was cool too.

  6. Hey. It was good. Worth buying in a respectable format when it comes out. I enjoyed my pixelated-artifacty version. Used RateRix to watch the youtube version on my TV. Streamed just like watching it on DVD. But a pirate copy VHS quality. Which also has a charm. I certainly own my fair share of that VHS quality on my homemade DVDs.