Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nerds Go Stag - More detail shots from 1953 World Con

EDIT: Check out the last photo!! :-P
EDIT: Take that!


  1. Look at the guy at the top in the 4th photo down. For one thing he's obviously disobeying the request to face the stage and be photographed. Secondly it looks like he's violently attacking whatever is on his plate.
    Maybe L Ron Hubbard having a mystical seizure.

  2. Same photo, there's a guy that looks a lot like Robert Mitchum. Who was supposed to be like mensa brilliant. Who knows.

  3. I see TAG was well reprsented even in 1953!!! So you guys never told us you were vampires. Nice. This gives me the creeps much like the end of "The Shining."

  4. Ha! Who did this?
    If I didn't toggle the gallery shots I might not have noticed Buncake's head. He fits in best. I like that I'm next to Natasha. And that I'm larger than life.
    Buncake is next to a row of people I think were involved in waiter type activity. They were probably told to settle down, have a seat at an empty table and be part of the crowd.

  5. And the Best Use of Photoshop Award goes to...

  6. I think whoever started it , wins the award. I did Jeff and his hand with fork-cake and managed to find a good fit. Honorable mention to me.