Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Celebrating the Non-Death of the Notorious T.A.G. Blog

She is elated. As am I.
This would have gone up yesterday, as is proper for a Tuesday-centered blog.

Modified by Tom Moon: As always Marty, your drawings intrigue me, but this time I'm more intrigued by what might be on the reverse side of the paper you drew this on.  Photoshop: the latest development in computerized detective work. - Tom


  1. Cool character. Cooler script fragment. Guy tries to get something erotic happening and someone appears and tasers him. Right? Sounds like good stuff. I'd read it.

    I'm reading a Donald Westlake's Dortmunder book now. WHAT"S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN.
    About a quarter of the way in.
    Great conflict. Dortmunder, the ultimate hangdog, loser, B and E specialist thief is caught robbing what he thought was an empty corporate party house. A George Soros-Rupert Murdoch wealthy type is there for a tryst with a Playboy bunny and holds Dortmunder under a gun until police arrive.
    Just on an impulsive, lording it over Dortmunder moment of cruelty, The Soros type tell police "He has my ring."
    It's Dortmunder's ring.
    The ring means nothing to him really.
    But that extra bit of knife twist has set Dortmunder, the fatalist realist, on a Don Quixote quest to get that ring and get even.

  2. If you give Dortmunder a try sometime, you can't do better than Drowned Hopes.

  3. Ellis here. Hijacking a thread as usual. Tom, you know that nightmare we discussed, about being in the backseat of a car when you should be in the front driving it?
    That Mustang crash pilot apparently suffered the real thing.

    What was that DC man at war comic book that involved a Mustang pilot that talked to ghost images in cloud banks?

  4. "All-American Men of War added Johnny Cloud, a Native American World War II P-51 Mustang pilot."

    I don't know if Johnny Cloud talked to ghosts, but there was that comic "The Haunted Tank" that featured Lieutenant Jeb Stuart watched over by Confederate general J.E.B. Stuart.

  5. Ah, found it. "... he (Cloud) also had an Indian-style recurring vision. Cloud formations resembling a Navajo warrior on a horse (reminiscent of one his father had seen at his birth) repeatedly inspired him to greater effort."

  6. Thank you Tom. Yes Haunted Tank was the best. Lot of Kubert in that. I believe the Johnny Cloud also had some Kubert.

  7. Notice what's missing in that perfect profile of the crashing Mustang?
    The thing that makes the silhouette of a Mustang for me. The underbelly air scoop. Obviously too much drag on a racing design.

  8. I am so glad this posting has generated such lively comment.

    Tom Moon, your detective work is astounding--esp'ly your comic book stuff!

  9. What the?
    I will add to the variety of thread variety yet again.
    The Lightbox Gallery effect has gone away. I saw a discussion of the code that causes it to work. Did someone delete the offending code?
    I think Google is just having fun.

  10. And now it's a gallery viewer again.
    I dig that we have a flop of the same image to look at. You're supposed to do that as a digital trick. You have to look at it in a mirror for your analog work

  11. Adding to the thread that went haywire.

    Facebook. Timeline?! Your life story! I'm glad I got out before they pounced on helpless users with that.

  12. Marty, thanks for keeping the idea alive that art should appear on Tuesdays