Saturday, September 24, 2011


Put Netflix streaming on pause to get some tea. Got back and this perfect pose of Gert Frobe was waiting for me. Had to sketch it before I got back to Goldfinger.
His clothes are so perfect and comfy looking. Hanging just right. He looked like a big plush toy.


  1. Great!! Love the feel! Want to watch that wide butt waddle....

  2. Thanks. They've had Netflix streaming all the Bonds. I'm only interested in the first 4 Connery Bonds. Up through Thunderball. And I've watched them all again. I'm making myself watch You Only Live Twice for some reason. The I'm done. There is no Roger Moore I ever want to watch again. And all that followed after that were just competent actioners. The Magic was really gone after Goldfinger.

  3. The times changed. Ian Fleming's stories didn't fit the world and the Bond character had become the prototype of the invincible circus acrobat that became the demanded hero for our time
    Connery's Bond could be done in and bashed to death readily in the first three. Odd Job had Bond's ass kicked