Thursday, September 15, 2011

Final Tabulation on Corky contest

Good job Tom. I'll be very curious how it shakes out.

Hey- I was "interviewed" bu a new blog called animation insider. A fellow named Mike Milo keeps it simple and sends out generic questions you make fascinating by being you. Anyone here want his email info and the questions, he has invited anyone. I did it for whatever self promotional value it had. And to feed the ravening maw of narcissism that can never be truly sated. I put it on my blog so you can have a sneak peek.
Odd that I didn't mention Frazetta. Only the most important person in my decision to be an artist.
Link to my Blog posting of the text Big Head
Big Head


  1. Notice that Blogspot has a new programmed reaction to previewing art posts. If there are two pieces per post, you get the gui mini menu to pick which image you want enlarged. I don't like it.

  2. Changed my mind. I do like it. It makes a nice gallery effect. Making blogger a good choice for constructing portfolio pages. And web comics.

  3. Hey, a happy belated birthday to ye, El. I missed posting something for you yesterday, but I hope the day was...capacious!

  4. Holy Shit! I'm 58 years old!
    I wish you hadn't brought it up.
    Thanks for the H B Day wish.

  5. Oh, crap ... I knew I was overlooking a couple of very important things this past week! As with just about everything else, I blame it on (your absence from) FB, Ellis.

    A very Happy Belated¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪
    to ELLIS and TOM M!

  6. Thanks Beata. I'm on twitter now. I don't know if they make a thing of B Days. Happy 58th Tom Moon.

  7. Tom?! Your birthday too?!?

    Happy happy, my friend!

  8. Thanks! I was born September 12th and Ellis, you are the 14th, right? Both in 1953.

  9. I thought you were the 13th. I'm the 14th in 1053. My brother is the 11th in 1956. He's unhappy with the take over of his birthday by 9-11

  10. Mine was the 7th..for whats it's worth

  11. OK, that's it.
    I give up.

    (Happy belated to you, too, KZ.)

  12. Happy Birthday to everyone who has had or will have a birthday in 2011! My oldest kid is downstairs right now belatedly celebrating her 17th birthday with a bunch of her friends.

    That gallery effect is pretty nifty... I may have to tinker with that a bit.